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Music I listen to

all kinds of music

1: MC hammer Baby!
2:Lil jon and east side boiz
3:Fall out boy
6:Nickel back
7: Jill scott
8: Aaliyah(RIP)
9: Kirk Franklin
10: R Kelly
11: solja boi( i spelled his name wrong)
12: Luda Chris
13: Rahanna
14: common
15: AFI
hey i dont know if i did that right, but oh well. those are jus a few of my favorite music.

People I look up to

well its kinda obvious. Criss angel

Oprah. (hey dont laugh. shes a great insparation)

My Daddy.(Calms me down with soothing words when I get hot headed)

My bro, and sis(Sometimes!LOL)

Jill Scott. (A singer who is doin her own thing. And workin it!)

Jay Tavare!(He is not only a person I look up to, but he's not bad to look at either! Sexy he is!)

Angela Bassett!(I believe she should of won best actress for her role in "Whats love got to do with it" as Tina Turner!)

Movies I like

i luv horror and comedy movies.

1: Saw 1,2,3,4
2:Phat girls, it's soooooo funny
3:Jeeper Creepers 1,2
4: Whats love got to do with it
5:White chicks
6:How Stela got her groove back
7: The wiz(Just like the "Wiz Of Oz", but if you see it, you'll know why it's different)
8: Malibu's most wanted(FuNnY!!)
9:The ladies man. (Must see to know why its so funny!)
10: My fair lady(Yes its old, but oldies are classic!)
12:Rush hour. All three!
13:Training day!

i have lots more, but i gots to think about it.

TV shows I watch

Criss Angel Mindfreak.

BET: 106&park

Flavor of love.

I luv NewYork


The Parkers


Tyra Banks show

America's Next top model

CSI: New york and Miami

Las Vegas

Cory in tha house


Family guy

Interesting facts about me

WHATZ UP!!!!!!! okay, my real name iz Linda, haha. I live in Georiga and am in collage right now. it can get crazy sometimes down here, but, ya just live with it. Im an out spoken kinda person. im not afraid to say whatz on my mind. i have 3 brothers and 1 sis. My family iz very big and crazy. Im a singer and i play 4instraments. I also do a little modeling. i cant spell very well, as you can see, so bare with me on the spelling okay. dont worry if i get off topic on somthin, thats just how i am at times.
I am not that tall, about average hight(5,5)I have jet black hair, and it's super duper curly. I have a southern accent and cant say sertain words right, but it will be okay.

Thanks to a certain cusine of mine....I became a fan of Criss by watching one of his stunts in 2007. Now, this wasn't the first time I have seen him, but it was the last time that I would stop wondering who he was. Yup! I've watched his show tons of time....secretly. And I have to say that he can impress me just with a coin trick. I've never seen a man that looks the way he does, acts like he does, or has a vibe the way he does. He is very interesting, and becoming a loyal was, I believe, the right choise. Now I can talk to people who are more like me, instead of being a loner. To this day, I'm thankful of my cusine, because now that I have been watching Criss, believe it or not, I'm back on going after my dream. The're was a point in my life when I was ready to give up, but's on!!!

New things, new sides, new stories! There is really nothing to know about me then with anybody else. I'm not on the boards as much anymore, but i make it, and when that happens, i come with alot to say. Much is lost to say, and I've matured from the past. Has that ever happened to you? You look at something you wrote two years ago, then find out you've grown....but not physically. Thats what I love about the baords. You can look back on old post and go to the new ones, and contrast. Sooooooooooooo cool! :D

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  1. 04/03/10

    I know exactly how you feel.

    Original comment »
  2. 04/01/10

    ive been inspired lately and updating all three of my fan fics.

    Original comment »


    Reply from mayflower93:

    YAY! Me too! I started a new fic, but not the one that I've been messaging you about! Another one....and it's not even listed! I'm still working on my other fics though. "more than my Best friend" Is starting to get on my nerves though. It's like, I wanna update, but I can't, plus when I can, I get to lazy. LoL but I'm still going strong!
  3. 03/28/10

    relitivly acceptable.

    Oh I posted on my fan fic compassion and reality.

    Original comment »


    Reply from mayflower93:

    I know i've read it, but haven't replied!
  4. 03/27/10

    So how are things going for you?

    Original comment »


    Reply from mayflower93:

    good actaully! And you?
  5. 03/25/10

    no women in power scare i have heard angry things about her and i dont wanna add gas to the fire.

    I just bought a 2007 Suzuki ferenza.

    Original comment »


    Reply from mayflower93:

    Thats understandable!
    Oooooo lucky you!

different quotes

I got my name, and that's all i need

Can ya spare a minute, a gurls gotta peepee.

Come on boo, lets paint the town purple

Smiles can tell you everything, even when somones not tellin the truth.

You cant do everything in life on your own, you gotta have sombody to help you, otherwise you wont make it in the world.

Keeping a secret is easy, just lie straight through your teeth!

The heart wants, but sometimes can't get! Why? never really tried!

A wise man once said, "Never eat chocolate before breakfast! It will give you horrible gas!"

"Welcome to the house of sausage! How may I help you?"

Sleeping is a waist of time!

Life is not fair! Deal with it!

Life is short! live it the best you can.

Live life to it's fullest every day. Don't slug around, waisting valuable time.

okay, those are random. diff. people in my life have said these things.

Upcoming stories that Ill be writing in the fan fic

imageA short list of upcoming stories later in time. image

1: Currently in "More than my BEST friend" & "Revenge"

Later stories
"Close your eyes" (Mystery/ Action)= Completed!!!!
"Stage puppet" (Action adventure)
"Haunted Luxor"(Mystery/Horror)
5: "What happens behind closed curtains"(Drama/Romance/Mystery)
:"Dark Magician"(Comedy/ Drama/ Mystery)
7: "Revenge" (Comedy/romance/drama)- STARTED
8: "Wanting to get through fire, pain, and shame" (Drama)
9: "The Matchmaker" (Comedy/ Drama/ Romance)
10: "DB" (Thriller/ Mystery/ romance)
Okay! Those are just some of the stories for later. They may not come anytime soon. Right now we are in 'More than my BEST friend' and 'Revenge'

Q&A) More than my Best friend: "When will Criss and Vick finally be together?" Question

Answer: First of all, you gotta read the story all the way through, and to answer the question.....well, you just gotta read to figure it out. You never know, they may never be together.

Close your eyes: "What was the purpose of the title?" Question

Answer: Well if you go back and read, there was a chapter where Miggie explained what close your eyes ment to her. It's a mind game where you close your eyes and you forget everything thats happening around you. It's also said periodically through the story by the main characters when someoene is hurt, scared, or about to die.

The Q&A section is for anybody that has a question about my stories. Send in a message your question about one of them, and I'll answer whenever I get to it. I won't put your name down as who asked the question unless you want me to. This is a chance for anybody that's confused to get the story straight.

Brief description: More than my BEST friend
Its about this girl named Vicky Sherman. She is a camera girl for Mindfreak. During this story, you see the relationship between Criss and her, in which they have been really good friends, grow into more. This story is a comedy, drama, romance, mystery( Not yet, but will be)

Brief description: Close your eyes
This story is about two people, who are involved in completely different things. They are nothing alike, have different backgrounds in family, and work two of the opposite jobs. Though they are two different types of people, they find themselves stuck in each others lives permanatly. In reading this story, you'll see the difference. She's(Miggie) a country girl from Miami Florida with little money, a job she hates, and knows hardly anybody in her family. Not to include her mom and dad.
He's(Criss) from the North. NewYork, traveling back and forth from there, to Las Vegas. He has money, and good family behind him. Yet, when he mets Miggie, things change. They both share chemistry that makes no since to anybody. They find themselves wanting, and liking each other so much, that they become blind to what fate has in store for them. A guy they go by "The Man", Has got them trapped in their hotel room, retelling there whole entire story of how they meet. Why he's after them, they don't know. All they can say, is that this man, whomever he may be, has known and followed them through-out parts of there lives, and is wanting something from them that they themselves don't know what it is. What can be said is that if they don't tell this story right, they will have to pay the major price.

Brief decription: Revenge
Two friends(Best friends) Come to Vegas just for a few days to see the lights and live a little bit. With their past and how they live, (in which they live like moderen day Gypsies), they never expected to come to Sin City for anything other than Vacation(Fun) but it turns out that sometimes fun can mean "To much fun". The two girls encounter world famous Magician Criss Angel, and soon have some interesting things up their sleeves with him. Both girls are smitten with Criss and can't help but show that they are...but the thing is, neither one of them knows that either of them has a thing for him until later. When they both figure it out, things heat among the two friends, and everything they have gone through together simmers away. They both become competitive and battle for Criss' Love. In this comedy of a story, we will see if these two friends can settle their differences, or....we will see which one comes out with Criss' heart.

Right now we are in "More than my Best friend" and "Revenge" and things are just beginning to spice up. READ IT! FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF!


Atractive men role models celebsMy list of them

1: Jay Tavare
Who is Jay Tavare? Only one of the most hottest Native American actors out there!

Here he is!
Watch that, and see what I mean!

He's hot, he's sexy, and he's ripped! Everything in a guy I like! But don't get him mad!

2: I don't really need to mention him, since I'm on his boards, but Criss Angel.

watch him!
Aint he fine!! You already know he is!